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Meet Our Olympian Sponsors

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Meet our Olympian Sponsors


Tom Landry Associate ($10,000+)

Jon & Kathryn Gordon
Eric & Melissa Griggs
Moe's Southwest Grill
Matt & Shannon Connell
David & Cara Hodges
Larry & Lynn Thomas
Kent & Christie Stermon

Olympian Gold ($5,000 +)

R.C. & Louis Mills

Olympian Silver ($3,000 +)

Colley & Linda Stowell
Clint & Alisa Hendry
Rick Weaver
Aaron Albritton
Brad Crews

Olympian Bronze ($1,000 +)

Lee & Cates Glass - Tommy & Neecee Lee
Superior Pallets - Mark Howard
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Myers
Josh & Yolanda Queitsch
Keith & Barbara Bailey
Erik & Elizabeth Dellenback
Jesse & Megan Searls
Johnnie Bryan

Luke & Nicole McCann
Jeff Lowry
Lou Noir-Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Richie
Todd & Angelica Gicalone
Ronald R. Pellum, CPA 
Jason & Meghan Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keels
Medical Financial Group - Gordon Terry
Raise & Restore, Inc. - Joseph Samples
Ben & Laura Wuerffel