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As we carry out ministry, we are using the methods of engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.  Our desire is to have disciples making disciples.  Often, this discipleship process begins with a simple "hello"--as this is where a relationship often begins.

Engaging coaches and athletes begins through genuine relationships built by sharing our lives and the gospel.  This happens in simple impromptu meetings with coaches at practice or in their office leading to regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings or small group huddles in the future.  Events such as breakfasts or seminars are created for coaches and athletes in order to engage them and their teams.  Staff will often attend events, team media days, and games for the purpose of engaging coaches and athletes.


Meet two Jacksonville area coaches, Leslie Guzzone and Joey Hudson.  Coach Guzzone is Athletic Director and Girl's Volleyball Coach at Sandalwood High School.  Coach Hudson is Boy's Football Coach at the Bolles School.  

Both coaches have been involved with FCA at some level for years--yet this past year, NE Florida FCA staff member Greg Chapman has regularly and intentionally engaged these coaches.  Chapman stated, "It has truly been an honor to engage Coach Guzzone and Coach Hudson.  I've had the opportunity to meet Leslie and Joey where they are, learn about their families, and build community with them."  Coach Guzzone and Coach Hudson have taken notice and are excited by what they see and are experiencing:



Meet Grace Richards, Sophomore Ladies Golfer and Track & Field Member at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra.  

Grace was engaged by FCA as a result of NE Florida FCA staff member, Dan Meinert, who was involved as an assistant coach with Grace's middle school golf team while she was in eighth grade.  At the end of her eighth grade golf season, Grace received a full scholarship from an FCA sponsor to go to the 2017 FCA Sea Island Golf Camp for a week.  Here is what Grace had to say about her camp experience:

Grace enjoyed her camp experience so much, she decided to go to Sea Island Camp again in 2018.  On the last night of camp, Grace made a decision that would change the rest of her life:

When her ninth grade year began, Grace attended several FCA Golf JAX Combines.  Shortly thereafter, Grace learned of her school's FCA Huddle from a teammate on her golf team who encouraged her to come.  For the remainder of her freshman year, Grace attended huddle every week.  Here is what Grace said about both experiences:

Now that Grace is a sophomore, she said she's seen her huddle at Nease grow twice in size.  The huddle has also encouraged her to explore other opportunities around her school such as joining the Track and Field team and other clubs like Helpers with Hearts, Kindness for Kids and Empowerment Club.


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Help us Fulfill The Vision as we lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.  Partner with us to engage, equip, and empower every coach and athlete to go make disciples.  
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