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Cody's Cleats Design Contest


Hey this is Cody Davis with the Jacksonville Jaguars!  I need your help this year designing my custom cleats for the "My Cleats" campaign!  This initiative allows players across the NFL to wear custom cleats that reflect their commitment to charitable causes.  My cause this year will be the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  FCA has been a growing influence in my life during my career.  I love FCA because it helps athletes grow and strengthen their faith through the ups and downs of the season.  It helps us keep our focus on God and our hope set on Jesus.

Above you can see an example of my cleats that were designed in the past.  Use the theme of FCA, Bible verses, and Jaguar colors to come up with a meaningful and creative design.  But feel free to get as creative as you want!  Designs will be painted on a pair of all white Under Armour Highlights.  Please fill out, notate, and color your design on the blank cleat page (linked here).  Or draw your own cleat (if it's hard to color over the pictures).  Thank you for your help and I look forward to your designs!


  • Designs are due by October 31, 2018
  • Two winners will be chosen, and each receive:
    • 2 Tickets to the Jacksonville Jaguars game (when the cleats are worn--either December 2nd vs. Colts or December 16th vs. Redskins).  Extra tickets are available for purchase.
    • Get to Meet Cody Davis after the game!
    • Keep the custom cleats!  Cody will hand deliver your game worn designed cleats after the game.
    • Signed photo of the cleats.  Cody will print 8x10 game photos of the cleats and sign them.

P.S. Check out @k_o.brand_kickasso on Instagram.  He will be the painter of the cleats.  

God Bless, 
Cody Davis