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Career & Internship Opportunities

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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College Internship Opportunities with NE Florida FCA 

 Our College Internship program is 6-8 weeks long and can be served during spring, summer or fall semesters.  The internship involves serving in many different capacities including leadership roles at camps and running youth sports leagues.

 If you are interested in an internship with NE Florida FCA, please complete the form below or submit resume to NE Florida FCA Area Director, Scott Adams at  The only requirement to be considered for the College Internship Program is that you must have completed at least one year of college.


Career Opportunities with NE Florida FCA


 Before pursuing employment with FCA, it is FCA’s desire that you have a full understanding of the position you are applying for and the FCA Ministry.

 FCA’s intention is to do its best at affirming your calling to this ministry and equip you to succeed. Ministering to athletes and coaches and seeing them come to know Christ is the highlight of the ministry and FCA’s ultimate goal. FCA’s selection process is designed to help you and FCA determine if you are called to a FCA ministry staff position, as well as provide you with all the information you need to make a decision about joining the FCA Ministry.

Funding to work for FCA

 FCA is a faith-financed ministry and as such depends on the generosity of donors to support our ministry staff. Developing and implementing a funding plan is part of your responsibility as FCA ministry staff.

 FCA anticipates an approximate $50,000-$60,000 annual budget for a full-time field staff position. This budget covers salary, payroll taxes, benefit costs, program and operating costs. Before FCA will officially hire a new employee, funding for the first year budget must be approved by the regional Vice President. As staff members trust God for their finances, they invite individuals, churches and other organizations to invest in their ministry through prayer and financial commitments. New staff will be trained how to find people God is calling to be on their team of ministry partners. 

Spouse’s call to working with FCA

 If married, your spouse and family must be similarly called to the ministry and support you in your role as FCA Staff. This will mean some nights away from home attending local games or FCA sponsored events.

Hiring process and employment overview for FCA staff

 The official hiring process begins with the endorsement of the local FCA Area Director as well as the local leadership board.  If funds have not been raised prior to this point, the Area Director, leadership board and you will plan a strategy to fund the position. You should not resign from your current employment until funding expectations are met and you have completed the interview, selection process and funding has been verified and approved by the regional Vice President.

Part-Time Staff

We encourage potential FCA staff to consider part-time staff roles. This is an incredible opportunity to serve Christ through the ministry of FCA without the weight of raising a full-time salary.  Part-time staff still must raise their support, however a heavily decreased obligation. 

Please submit resumes to NE Florida FCA Area Director, Scott Adams at or fill out the form below.